Macomb County



The newest version of the Young Marine Awards Manual with supporting documents is uploaded into the Awards and Manual folders in the library. In the email below, there is a brief description of the major changes that were made. Please, ensure all Adult Volunteers and Young Marines take the time to review the manual in its entirety to review all changes that have been made.


  1. Distinguished Unit Citation – This ribbon has changed precedence. See the manual for details.
  2. Young Marine Unit Commendation – This ribbon has changed precedence. See manual for details.
  3. Battalion Unit of the Year (formerly Unit of the Year) – The Unit of the Year ribbon has been adjusted to Battalion Unit of the Year ribbon. If this ribbon was awarded for Battalion, Regiment, Division, or National Unit of the Year prior to March 6, 2020, the appropriate devices are authorized for wear and take precedence over star devices. See the manual for details.
  4. Distinguished Order of Merit (DOM) – The DOM is no longer sent directly to Headquarters Young Marines. Use the DOM Request Submission Form, located in the library, to submit to your appropriate Division Commander. They will then forward the approved award to the Headquarters Operations Department. See manual for details.
  5. Physical Fitness Ribbon – The PFT scores have been revised in the Awards Manual. This takes precedence over any other documentation until they are updated. YM Recruit thru YM/PFC are required to pass the PFT with a score of 200 or higher. YM/LCpl’s and above are required to pass the PFT with a score of 250 or higher. All Young Marines attending Junior Leadership School must score a 250 or higher to pass the school. See the manual for details.
  6. Conservation Ribbon – The Conservation ribbon is no longer a requirement for promotion to YM/SSgt. Essays that are currently at HQ waiting for approval will still be reviewed, and the ribbon will be awarded. HQ will no longer accept essays after March 6, 2020.
  7. Veteran’s Appreciation Ribbon – The Veterans Appreciation ribbon is now required for promotion to YM/SSgt. Young Marines who have already been awarded the ribbon will not need to re-qualify for the award. See the manual for details